Marjorie Smart Oration

The Marjorie Smart Oration
The Marjorie Smart Oration honours an exceptional Canadian woman and St Hilda’s College founding Principal, Mrs Marjorie Smart, who presided over the college from 1964 to 1975.

Marjorie Gordon Smart was born in Canada in 1911. Graduating with an honours degree in English and history from the University of Manitoba, Marjorie became secretary (1942-46) to Malcolm MacDonald, Britain’s high commissioner to Canada and personal assistant (1947) to Sir Gordon Munro, head of the British treasury’s delegation to Washington, DC.

In 1947 she was the first woman to sit for, and pass, the Canadian foreign-service examination. She joined the Canadian Department of External Affairs in 1948 and was vice-consul in New York and press officer with the delegation to the United Nations in 1949-53.

Marjorie Smart resigned her diplomatic post when she married Edward Kenneth Smart, the Australian consul-general in New York. Following her husband’s retirement in 1954 the couple moved to Melbourne where she was very involved in volunteer work until her appointment to St Hilda’s College in 1964.

Marjorie Smart returned to Canada in 1976 where she died on 23 May 1982 at Winnipeg.

Professor Gillian Triggs
Professor Gillian Triggs is the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, taking up her appointment by the Commonwealth Attorney-General in 2012. She was Dean of the Faculty of Law and Challis Professor of International Law at the University of Sydney from 2007-12 and Director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law from 2005-7. She is a former Barrister with Seven Wentworth Chambers and a Governor of the College of Law.
Professor Triggs is a Fellow of St Hilda’s College and the 2014 Marjorie Smart Fellow.

The 2014 Marjorie Smart Oration presented by Professor Gillian Triggs “The Freedom Wars”
Please find a link to the recording of the lecture here